BINUS English Club

In June 11th 1992, deriving from a passion for English language and the realization that it is a critical language for everyone to learn and master (especially for BINUS students), a group of people established BNEC. To improve its member English skills, BNEC provides several classes, which are TOEFL, Debate, and also Public Speaking & Performance. Growing further as a student club, BNEC had achieved the title Best Student Organization in BINUS for six times and also gained lots of achievements and international acknowledgement

Besides holding the title from Guinness World Records for “most people doing crossword simultaneously“, this organization had also been known to annually organize Asian English Olympics that involve more than 600 students from countries across Asia.


To be an influential learning organization that facilitates and encourages its members to evolve into talents who are ready to create, change, innovate, direct, inspire and lift people in the real world.


  1. Build and maintain a great relationship among members as One Great BNEC Family.
  2. Provide the environment of Empowering English Community.
  3. Create and implement The Standards of organization.
  4. Build and maintain lasting partnership with partners.


Continuous Improvement
Solidity and Trustworthiness

BNEC President's Greetings

Marthian Lie
President of BNEC 27th Presidency

Greetings everyone, and hello fellow BINUSIAN.

BNEC is an English club, an organization and a family with a tagline of Extraordinary.

It is a home which caters people who have high willingness to improve, make positive changes and inspire one another for betterment to become extraordinary and strive the best for their passion. The tagline extraordinary means that we will put more value and extra effort in everything we do to pursue continuous improvement. As an English community, BNEC empower people with both hard skills and soft skills to prepare them for the real word.

Through this official website of BNEC, we hope that it can serve as a media to build a good communication and to provide all of the information with regards to our beloved family. Last but not least, we highly appreciate your comments and feedbacks!

Welcome to our Official Website, welcome to our family, welcome to BNEC.

BNEC, extraordinary!