Our Events

Having the urge to provide its human resources with the chances to be creative and critical, also to improve their soft skills, BNEC has been conducting many events every year. From events in BINUS, within local society to international ones, BNEC members are never lacking of the opportunities to organize events. These events have received so many great responses from many parties that gained BNEC its remarkable image toward public.

Asian English Olympics

As an English-focused student community, BNEC care about those who have the enthusiasm in English. BNEC conduct a competition to be a platform for them to measure and improve their English skills by competing against each other and learning from the experts to bring them closer to their desired English-related career. AEO also provides them networking during the competition days as they also get the chance to meet and bound with the field's experts who also attend the competition as judges, coaches, medias, or sponsors. AEO has also been recognized as the place where English enthusiasts around Asia find each other not only to compete but to form a new friendship. Up until now, AEO has been attended by hundreds of participants who came from 8 different countries throughout Asia.

Social Event

Realizing that BNEC would not have improved as an organization so significantly without the support of the society, we also want to give back to the society through any aspect that needs to be improved, and produce positive impacts for their lives through extraordinary social events. We search and find problems that exist within the society, then we deliver ideas that might solve the problems, and finally organize, and conduct a set of extraordinary events to provide the solutions. Each year, our social event will have different focus and target that aims to the same goal, which is to develop and empower the society.

New Member Recruitment

To welcome the new ones to the family. It is when we open up the gate for those who are willing to unleash their full potential to be extraordinary by improving their English skills in our 4 classes which are Debate, Scrabble, TOEFL, and of course Public Speaking & Performance which really matter for every student. Through BNEC New Member Recruitment, Binusians are not only given the chance to be skillful in English, but also start being an extraordinary in the most wanted student club in BINUS that always has thousands of registrants every year.