The 2017 Asian English Olympics - Live your Aspiration

As an English student organization, BINUS English Club (BNEC) aims to educate and contribute to the wider educational world by giving platform to learn, develop, and enhance the English skills either for its members, talents, or society. Realizing the importance and high demand of English in the real world, BNEC wants to ignite the competitiveness and aspiration of youth in English by holding its great event, Asian English Olympics.

While successfully conducted Asian English Olympics for consecutively 5 years, this year, Asian English Olympics was held again with the theme; The 2017 Asian English Olympics: Live Your Aspiration. This theme emphasizes that the world keeps evolving and competing to get higher position in jobs or to build a business that is getting harder. As the golden generation, we are expected to survive, and to make that happen, we should be ready in facing the competition by gaining lots of achievements and experiences. That is why The 2017 Asian English Olympics could be one of those ways.

Held on February 9th until 13th 2017, in BINUS University and with 8 fields of competitions; Debate, Scrabble, Spelling Bee, Speech, Storytelling, Newscasting, Short Story Writing, and Radio Drama, and also 10 countries participating in this year competition, we managed to break the record of participants’ number in which the total is 669 participants; 393 national and 276 international participants, with a ratio of 3:2. We also:

  1. Got rated by WESPA in the Scrabble field
  2. Added a new field of competition which is Radio Drama (with 13 participating teams, consisting of 67 participants)
  3. Improved the quality of the competition system and judges,
  4. Get a massive and outstanding final day venue
and many more!

Not only improving in the point of view from the committees, but the participants also gave such a nice responses towards this year competition. Competitiveness is not the only one atmosphere that had been created, but also togetherness where all of them became one family in this competition. No matter where they came from, which field they were in, there was such a great bonds created among the participants in which they exchanged ideas, values, and cultures in international ambience.

Seeing such a great accomplishments in The 2017 Asian English Olympics, BNEC would definitely hold this event again next year with higher expectation, target and will improve the quality more as we aim to be a great English organization by providing and contributing learning platform for society development.

The 2017 Asian English Olympics