The 2016 National English Olympics - Dawn of Greatness

As an English-focused student community, BNEC care about those who have the enthusiasm in English. There by, BNEC conduct a competition to be a platform for them to measure and improve their English skills by competing against each other and learning from the experts to bring them closer to their desired English-related career. NEO also provides them networking during the competition days as they also get the chance to meet and bound with the field’s experts who also attend the competition as judges, coaches, medias, or sponsors.

National English Olympics (NEO) is the outcome of the successfulness from one of BNEC’s most prestigious events, Asian English Olympics (AEO). 2016 is the first year of NEO and we thrive to keep holding this event until upcoming years ahead. We focused on high-school students who have high enthusiasm in English who want to compete with others and feel the heat and triumph for being the champion of national and prestigious competition.

Despite its first year of being held, NEO has successfully improved its participants’ English skills, giving meaningful experiences to be remembered in their youth, and expand the networking of the participants across Indonesia.

The 2016 NEO was held on xxx. The National Olympics will be completely fun and exciting to challenge its participants in Debate, Speech, Spelling Bee, News casting, Scrabble, and Storytelling. As the Olympics, there will be an “Institutional Champion” title for participating institutions. Every delegate who wins in each field of NEO will accumulate points for their institution to be crowned the title. BNEC also provide free-pass tickets for the champions to participate in AEO next year.

Theme: “Dawn of Greatness”

“Dawn of Greatness” is about the emersion of hope and will strive for greatness.

Everyone has greatness in their heart and mind, but what makes each person different is their hope and will of making their own greatness come true and achieve what they value most in life. To feel in such stage of life, someone must keep trying and doing things at his maximum excellence. The prestigious National English Olympics, hosted by BINUS University and organized by BINUS English Club, is an ideal opportunity for Indonesian youths to flex their competitive muscle. Not only will skills be challenged and tested against others, learning and growth are also part of the Olympics itself.

Through the theme this year, the message that’s hoped to be conveyed is for the Indonesian youths to wake up, be brave, and face whatever challenges out there and be their own version of greatness.

The 2016 National English Olympics