Posted at July 20, 2022 by Rahmadira Febi Herdiningtyas

Decision making has not always been an easy thing to do. It requires us to think critically to make the right decision that will have an impact on our future life. Therefore, six thinking hats is one of the methods you can use. The technique makes you look into the problem with six different approaches, so that you can broaden your perspective and consider each of them. 

This method was invented by Edward de Bono, a Maltese physician, psychologist and philosopher. The first appearance of ‘Six Thinking Hats’ is in his book released in 1985 that has the same name as the method. He wants the method to be a practical tool everyone can use when they are contemplating a problem. Details of the ‘Six Thinking Hats’ will be explained below.

Blue Hat: “The Conductor’s Hat”

When we are thinking with the “Blue Hat”, we often focus on controlling our thinking and how we manage the decision-making process that happens to us. Often we use an agenda, ask summaries to others, and then reach a conclusion.

Green Hat: “The Creative Hat”

The “Green Hat” helps us to explore broader ideas and other possible roads to achieve our goal. Basically, this Hat represents our creative way of thinking. It also contributes to how we express new concepts and perspectives that we have.

Red Hat: “The Hat for The Heart”

“Red Hat” represents how we feel, what is our instinct towards the problems that we have, and hunches that we have. When we use our “Red Hat” our feelings are involved without the need of any logical justification.

Yellow Hat: “The Optimist’s Hat”

Optimism and brightness symbolized by the “Yellow Hat”. We seek for the positive light in the problem when we think with this Hat. The value and the benefit will be the things that we search for when we’re under this perspective.

Black Hat: “The Judge’s Hat”

When the “Black Hat” is on, we tend to be cautious and assess risks. It’s also the most powerful Hat that we have. Lots of critical judgment is involved to explain the reason why we have the problem and further help us to overcome that problem.

White Hat: “The Factual Hat”

“White Hat” helps us with gathering the information that is related to our problem. The Hat looks for the facts and insights that we have already collected, also reviews it so that we know what’s missing and how to get the missing one.

Those are the “Six Thinking Hats” methods that will benefit us when we have to make an important decision. Hope it helps!


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