Posted at June 05, 2021 by Cristina Ellen Angelina

The world of information and technology has evolved rapidly, producing useful creation that could help improve the quality of human life. One example of its creations is social media. According to Fahlepi Roma Doni (2017), social media is a platform that supports social interaction using web-based technology.  Around 2015 (We  Are  Social, 2015), in Indonesia, there were 79 million active social media users and in 2016, it increased until there’s 129,2 million in total (APJII, 2016). Some examples of social media that are widely used in society are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram and many more. People from all types of circles are known to use social media in everyday activity as it is easy to use and gives many affordable benefits.  

Wijaya and Godwin (2012) made a research about prosocial impact on teens by the use of social media. It’s because social media can be used as a media to build friendship, exchange information, gain knowledge and even create online business. Social media is designed to help people communicate far and wide. With social media, we can interact with many people at once, making it easier for information to spread and enrich people’s minds with knowledge that was once harder to acquire. People can also find it easier to build connections and create meaningful relationships with others that they meet in social media through chatting and expressing their thoughts. Based on research conducted by Tartari (2009) in Albania, had discovered people’s perception through interviews about the frequent amount of use in social media, especially adolescents in the age 11-16 years, which strongly believe the use of social media will improve communication skills, obtain information, and develop their ability to operate technology.  

The importance of social media can also be felt during the Covid-19 pandemic. Amid the pandemic, where people need to implement social distancing and avoid face to face interaction, many schools, businesses and public facilities are being closed down to minimize the spread of the virus. Mass devastation spreads within the society and many people are forced to isolate themselves. During this restless time, social media has helped people to stay connected with the outside world and spread positivity through its motivational and encouraging content. Not to mention, online learning has made it possible due to social media. Social media has undeniably played an important role in many unprecedented circumstances.  

With its accessible and informative content from social media, it’s surely become a gateway for future innovation that can continuously help to provide a better quality of life for humanity. Even so, always remember to use social media wisely! Watch the content that you see or post on the platform. Also, be mindful with how much time you spend using social media so it won’t hinder your daily activities!



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