Posted at June 09, 2021 by Graviela Christie

Internship is the process of implementing the knowledge that we have acquired during education into the real world of work. We could say, an internship is job training. So, the purpose of this internship is to prepare students to enter the world of work. There are several benefits of internships, namely expanding networks, developing existing skills, providing insight into the world of work, providing future job opportunities, and giving added value to CV.

However, before taking an internship, there are things you should consider. First, knowing the job description to be taken. You can find out what you are going to do and what responsibilities you have. It is recommended that the job you take during the internship is in accordance with what you want to do after graduation because your internship record will play a role in your CV and will make it easier for you in the world of work later.

Second, knowing the location of your internship is important. This is because you need to consider time, cost, transportation, and your ability to do this every day. It could be that the location of your internship is in an area far from where you live, in another city, or another country.

Third, find out if you can easily get a connection there. Connections are important because this can help you to get a job in the future or a full-time job where you work for the long term. 

The last is, you need to see what is required by the place you are applying, do you meet their qualifications, whether you are up to what the intern asks for. Pay attention to your qualifications and their requirements, make sure your qualifications in the application are clear, so that the recruiter doesn't have to ask questions.

So, before taking an internship, consider a few things so that you can get an internship that suits you and is useful for your future in the world of work!



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