Posted at July 01, 2021 by Nathania Angel

BNEC has various types of classes, such as TOEFL, Fast Track TOEFL, conversation, public speaking and performing, and debate. Classes are held every week, and each class is divided into several days. By joining these classes, we want to give the opportunity for members to enhance their English skills in several ways. 

Here are some updates they have learned from their March until May:

At the conversation class, first, we already discussed high school and university life as well as discussing restaurants and supermarkets etiquettes. Second, we also studied proper conversation with children, teenagers and adults, and did some group exercises to practice it. Third, we gave conversation tips for different age groups, listening exercises, and group challenges, and many more.

At the debate class, first, we already discussed types and how to deliver arguments, exercises for claims, warrants, and datas as well as a debate simulation. Second, we gave our members tips on how to face your opponent, tips and tricks to find your opponent’s weak spot and debate simulation. Third, the motion of: THW legalize marijuana and communication skills was used to simulate the debate process.

At the public speaking and performing class, we studied about overcoming the fear of public speaking, 6 types of presenter, and finding what type of speaker you are, first impressions & involving the audience. We also learned how to make a killer first impression and initiate and engage with the audience, components of a Powerful Presentation, and many more.The TOEFL class is divided into TOEFL 1, TOEFL 2, and TOEFL 3 based on the ability level of the members. For TOEFL 1, we discussed negative form, singular & plural usage. Second, usage of a/an, countable & uncountable plurals, difference of plural and singular, usage of negatives. Third, singular and plural nouns, adjective connectors. Fourth, noun cause and unstated. Fifth, use of conjunction and finding unstated details in a passage and many more. 

For TOEFL 2, we discussed idiomatic language: collocations, phrasal verbs, and idioms. Second, we studied about problems with verbs, using the correct ‘have’, ‘had’, ‘will’, and ‘would’ and time expression for past tense, present perfect, past perfect, and many more. For TOEFL 3, we discussed the reading unit, listening unit and another recap about previous units from the first session (idiomatic language, verbs, have/had, will/would, time expressions) for mid-term. Second, speaking skills and exercises. Third, listening tips (determine the topic, recognize the situation, listen to answers in order). Fourth, english articles problems. Fifth, problems of prepositions. Sixth, determine where to insert a piece of information. Seventh, insert information in reading skills and many more.

So, those are some of the material that the members learned during  March to May. BNEC strives to give the best through various improvements and reviewing suggestions from members, so that learning can be maximized.