Posted at August 15, 2022 by Tiffani Tirta Chanjaya

The Asian English Olympics or familiarly referred to as AEO is an annual international event held by BNEC. The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for Asian youths to improve their English skills, showcase their talents or potential in their respective areas of expertise, and provide opportunities for them to expand their network by interacting with participants from different countries. In addition, this event is a great platform to introduce BNEC and BINUS University to be more widely known as the host of international events.

This year, The 2022 Asian English Olympics was successfully held by BNEC and BINUS University with the theme “Echo Your Forte”. The theme of The 2022 Asian English Olympics has a meaning that although the current situation in the midst of this pandemic is difficult, the younger generation must be able to continue sharpening and echoing their respective skills and talents. This event was held for approximately one week, on February 20, 2022 until February 27, 2022. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, this event was held virtually using Zoom Meeting.

This year, AEO was attended by 596 participants from 9 countries, namely Indonesia, Macau, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, and South Korea. Around 362 participants from Indonesia and 246 participants from other countries participated in seven fields of competition, namely Debate, Storytelling, Speech, Newscasting, Spelling Bee, Short Story Writing, and Radio Drama. Various online facilities and platforms were also provided by the committees to support the competition, such as Zoom, Youtube Live Streaming, Webinars, and many more.

After reading this news, are you curious about the amazing ambiance of international competition in The Asian English Olympics? Do not be upset because Asian English Olympics will be held again next year. So, see you at next year’s Asian English Olympics series of events!