What we do in BNEC


As an international language, understanding and able to use English language is a must nowadays. English is mostly used in every daily activities, such as when studying in school, working in companies, and even the simplest such as reading books, watching movies or listening to music. If English is not your native language, then it should be one of your secondary language! Seeing the importance of English in everyday life, BNEC provide the TOEFL class for you to learn the basic, intermediate, and advanced sentence structure and grammar of English language. The TOEFL class is suitable for you who is a beginner or wants to further enhance your English skill.

Public Speaking & Performing

To be skilled in English language, you not only have to understand the basic rules of writing in English on a piece of paper, but you also need to be able to communicate and express your thoughts in English the right way in your everyday life. BNEC provide the Public Speaking and Performing class for you who would like to practice English on a regular basis, either in the form of conversations, discussions, or presentations. You will learn the soft skills about how to use the right expression, style of speech and body language in a professional way. Moreover, in this class, you will also learn the arts of public speaking such as speech, newscasting, and story telling.


Without realizing, debate has become a daily habit. We exchange opinions with other people on simple things, such as the taste of the food that we ate, the new movie that we watched, or even the attractiveness of the person sitting next to us. But usually the opinions could not be immediately accepted because everyone has their own opinions. BNEC provide the Debate class where you will learn on how to give arguments about certain topics with the right logic and deliveries in English. In addition, the class will also enhance your critical thinking skill and significantly increase your general knowledge of the latest trends through the debated topics.


Do you often find it difficult to choose the right words when you want to say something in English? The English language has hundreds of thousands of vocabularies but we are only familiar with a small chunk of them. There are many words that we do not know exist and have a meaning. To learn them quickly and in an entertaining way, BNEC provide a Scrabble class for you. Scrabble is a word game where you earn points by combining several random letters into a word that are arranged in the form of crossword. In this class, you will regularly get new vocabularies from every meeting and because Scrabble is basically a game, the learning will be very fun!