The 2017 National English Olympics - Breakthrough your Limits

Once again, BNEC successfully overcomes its limitations and held a prestigious event that is impactful for the society. National English Olympics is one of the most awaited events that BNEC ever conducted. In order to become an influential organization, innovations are required in every event that BNEC is going to conduct. BNEC believes that continuous improvement is an important value that needs to be actualized. This value thus motivates BNEC to take every opportunity that can lead to improvements in its club. This opportunity to improve was taken proudly by the Board of Management of BNEC Alam Sutera by holding one of the most prestigious event BNEC ever held, The 2017 National English Olympics.

Seeing the potential young talents all across Indonesia motivates BNEC to conduct an event that is beneficial for young generations of Indonesia. Focusing on High School students, BNEC hopes that the talents can improve themselves and become the delegates of Indonesia in Asian English Olympics after winning the champion title.

Theme: “Breakthrough your Limits”

Pushing forward to meet our goals is an exercise that can be filled with discomfort. We are the ones who create the limitations. But we also have an infinite capacity as human beings to push ourselves and reconstruct the idea of limitations that we set beforehand. The biggest gap that we have from where we are today to where we want to be is ourselves. Therefore, we should break through the limits that we created to become the best version of ourselves.

The 2017 National English Olympics was held from 2-4 December 2017. It was an exciting platform that challenges the participants in Newscasting, Speech, and Scrabble. Not only their talents and abilities that are tested during this competition, but persistence and spirit are needed to achieve the champion title. And the most exciting part is, the champion gets a free pass to participate in Asian English Olympics. Not only competing for themselves, the participants were also competing for their institutions. Participants that break into a particular round will gain institutional points that will be accumulated to achieve the Institutional Champion. Besides developing participants’ talents through competing experience, National English Olympics also provides an expansion of connection to their participants. The participants can interact directly with the experts of the competition fields, media, or even the sponsors.

National English Olympics isn’t only giving valuable experience for the participants, it is also valuable for the committees as well. The committees also get lots of benefits by organizing the event, such as being committed to striving from the preparation until the end of the event. The 2017 National English committees hope that the next National English Olympics can improve better, and gain more participants all across Indonesia.

As the biggest English Competition in Indonesia there are so many excitements on this National English Olympics. Curious? It’s on our gallery now!

The 2017 National English Olympics