Posted at July 05, 2021 by Bryan Henry

After a college student gets their first degree, they have to choose their next steps in their life, whether they want to continue their education to a higher level or start their working life. Shifting from university life into working life may be worrying for some fresh graduates. If you are one of those, we are here to give you tips and tricks to be mentally prepared for working life.

1. Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy

Being fit and healthy is more  than just about physical health, as a good physical health can also support a good mental health. When your body is healthy, it releases endorphins or you can call it “happy hormones” which eventually will make your energy, moods, and emotions boosted. As the adage says, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

2. Think Positively

It may sound simple, unimportant, or insignificant, but this simple act can lead to a really good impact  to your mind, which will make you do your job or activity calmly and eventually, will boost your result.

3. Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

It is true that you have to set certain goals in your life, especially in this term your career. However, you have to consider many aspects when setting that goal, such as your skills and capability. You have to consider whether that goal is achievable and realistic enough or not. A goal has to be achievable and realistic, because the purpose of a goal is to motivate us to pursue it, not stress us out. If we are stressed out when pursuing our goal, the result will not be maximal and in the end, we can not enjoy the result.

4. Treat Yourself a “Reward” 

“Self-reward” is very important for everyone, because this phase is where your mind and body recess from doing “heavy” work. This activity is also done to ease and recharge your mind and energy. But keep in mind,  do not take too much relaxation time, because it can make you have to adapt to your work’s situation from the beginning and that surely takes more time.

We have reached the end of this article, so In conclusion, fresh graduates at some point have to prepare to enter working life and in that preparation, many fresh graduates confuse and worry about it. Usually this confusion can affect their mental health. (aku agak kurang srek sama bagian ini, kek kurang nyambung sama paragraf-paragraf atas-atasnya, mungkin boleh diganti kaya ajakan yang kaya itsoke kalau mereka ada shock atau confused yang penting mereka siap-siap biar mereka bisa life their maximum working life atau sejenisnya)So, to be mentally prepared for working life, let’s  follow these steps above.


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