Posted at September 01, 2021 by Tiffani Tirta Chanjaya

A speech is often used in our daily life occurrence. It could be used in a formal or informal setting, which is why the ability to conduct a speech is very crucial. Not only can it motivate and inspire other people, but it can also persuade and bewitch them, especially in competitions where your speech must stand out from the others. Therefore, you need to know how to give a proper speech. 

  • Put on a show, not just giving a speech.

First, you need to have the audience’s attention. Hook them with a killer intro, get them to feel what’s inside your speech, the things you’re trying to convey. Don’t start with “Good evening everyone, my name is… , today I’m going to deliver a speech about…” instead, start with something unexpected. Everyone loves a good laugh, maybe give them a little humor, or do a storytelling that’ll get them engaged with your speech. If you want to go with something simple, then giving them a rhetorical question would suffice.

  • Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is the most important thing to do in every form of public speaking, including speech. Not only it makes the audience feel engaged in a speech, it can also establish your connection towards them, projecting authority and confidence, and make a bond between you and your audience. However, avert your eyes when a person starts to grow uncomfortable, only sustain eye contact long enough to make a relation then move on.

  • Creates a story in your speech 

There's a psychological reason why you can recall the plot of a movie after seeing it only once, but you can't recall what your financial advisor told you about stock futures the day before yesterday. Stories are easier to understand, and they can project empathy with your audience. Stories are inherently personal, they are relatable. You can build a much more profound connection with your audience if you can find a narrative that allows you to empathize with their concerns, needs, and ambitions.

And those are some things that need to be taken notice in delivering a speech. If you want to learn more on how to give a speech with confidence that’ll captivate people’s hearts, you can join our BNEC Talent Community, where you can discover new techniques in presenting a proper speech and gain experience by participating in national or international competitions!

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” ―Vince Lombardi'


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