Posted at October 04, 2021 by Cristina Ellen Angelina

Are you aware of the state of businesses in 2021? Due to the pandemic, many businesses have fallen, unable to adapt to the situation. Workforces are being laid off left and right, causing a rise in the unemployment rate. Not to mention people who voluntarily leave their jobs because of the uncertainty of the situation, to find a better, more stable job to support their lives. So, what jobs are considered the best choice in such a concerning time? Turns out, there's a surge in a few selected jobs, especially the ones in health & economic sections, adjusting to the needs and demand in the society. These needs create a new opportunity for job seekers. Here are a few jobs that are most sought after in 2021.

  • Nurses

Nurses are individuals who have been prepared through education to participate in caring and healing sick people, carried out alone or under the supervision of a doctor or supervisor (Gunarsa, 1995). During this pandemic, many people have fallen victim to the dangerous virus and needed immediate treatment. The number of those confirmed positive with the virus keeps on increasing while the health personnels that work day and night steadily lose their strength. That's why we need as many health personnel as we can get to nurse people back to health!

  • Digital Content Creators

As digital content creators, one is responsible for the contribution of information through digital media. Their work revolved around digital platforms, such as Youtube, Instagram, website, Pinterest to upload news, images, videos, social updates, and other relevant content. In a time where people are needed to isolate and constantly fear for their lives, positive content that spreads kindness and hope is very much needed in such a depressing time. Digital media can also be accessed anywhere and anytime, making it an easy source of entertainment that keeps people spirits up!

  • Mental Health Specialists

Danger of the corona virus that is lurking right now causes people to isolate and live in constant worry. The mental stress that has been caused by lack of human interaction and fear surely took a toll on people. That's why mental health specialists are needed. They help the society by providing counseling, assess patients' mental status and develop appropriate treatment plans based on the assessment result.

  • Business Development Specialist

To be able to survive, businesses need workers that can gain revenue. Thus, the business can continue to grow and be benefited in the long-term. That's where a business development specialist plays its role as the one who's responsible to help businesses thrive by identifying new opportunities, creating marketing strategies, building relationships with clients, and also monitoring market developments!

But do remember that all jobs have their own importance & value in society. Even though the mentioned jobs are in high demand, people should still pursue a path that they love the most!



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