Posted at May 30, 2021 by Nindita Windriyani Putri

Once every month, BNEC as a professional student organization in BINUS University held a board meeting which is attended by every single division. The board meeting is basically a meeting to check out each division's work plan progress. The meeting will discuss about each division's update, including what event is being prepared during that particular time. Other than that, the board meeting will also be the platform to seek help if there are divisions that are facing problems in its progress. By checking the progress of the division in board meeting, it can be a reflection for each division whether the plans that have been drawn up are running smoothly or not.

The working program that is being enforced in a particular month will usually be assessed in the end of the month. It is basically being adjusted with general student schedule, so as not to collide with exam week. Other than assessing the workload of each division, new arrangements, or other technical matters will also be announced in the board meeting. One of the important agenda that will also be discussed is the celebration of BNEC anniversary in around June which is always being included in the agenda of the BNEC's activities. 

The BNEC board meeting that was held recently on May participated by the total of 59 BNEC Board of Management members. This meeting is a very open discussion which involves all members activeness. It provides the opportunity for all members to ask or provide suggestions regarding the progress of each workload or even to other divisions.