Posted at October 09, 2021 by Graviela Christie

Every year, BNEC recruits BINUSIAN to become a member of the BNEC family. Just like in previous years, BNEC held a Welcoming Party after recruiting new members.

Welcoming Party is an event to welcome BINUSIAN who have just joined BNEC. The purpose of this event is to get to know one another, strengthen relationships between members, and have fun together.

This event was held on September 24, 2021 and was attended by 215 BINUSIAN from various majors and regions. This event was held through the Zoom Meeting. There were mini webinars, games, and sharing sessions which would certainly increase participants’ insight. So, apart from having fun and making new friends, participants could also add new insights and knowledge. This was certainly very beneficial for new members of BNEC.

Through this Welcoming Party, it is hoped that new members of BNEC could bond with each other and gain more knowledge about BNEC.