Posted at September 09, 2021 by Nathania Angel

On August 22, 2021, BNEC held another talk show. With the theme “Exploring Your Potential to the Fullest”, we aim to introduce BNEC to potential new members and provide new knowledge or insight to participants on how to explore the potential that lies within us. This talkshow is not held by the Member Focus division at BNEC as usual, but this talkshow is part of a series of events from one of BNEC’s big events, The 2021 BNEC New Member Recruitment.

This talkshow is conducted through Zoom Meetings and attended by 497 Binusian from any majors, generation, and also region. Starting with the screening of the BNEC video profile so that participants know the general picture of BNEC as an organization at BINUS University and then the opening of the MC in this talk show. Before explaining further about the speaker, we also gave an ice breaker to the participants to lighten the atmosphere so that when the speaker brought the material, the participants could be more excited to listen. After that, the core of this talk show just started when the MC and the speakers started discussing material related to the theme of this talk show.

For participants to increase insight and knowledge, this event is also equipped with a QnA session which can provide an opportunity for participants who are still confused or curious to directly ask the resource persons. In addition, in this talk show, there are games related to the talk show material which on this occasion participants can add information in a fun way. Ather the session is over, it came to the end of the event, namely the closing session.

With these activities, we hope more people can get to know BNEC and it can also be a platform for Binusian to increase their insights that can help prepare their careers. So, let’s learn more and succeed together by joining BNEC!