Posted at September 09, 2021 by Nathania Angel

The X-Skill Workshop is one of the newest programs of the Member Focus Division of BNEC. The general purpose of this X-Skill Workshop is to help both BINUSIAN and Non-BINUSIAN, get the knowledge, abilities, and soft skills in order to prepare to face the work environment. This year, X-Skill Workshop was conducted virtually on Zoom Meetings to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This event was attended by 60 Binusians and Non-Binusian from various majors.

By joining this event, participants will be able to get insights to improve critical thinking skills and also how to implement them in real life. This event is divided into several series of events, starting from the opening session, and then the presentation session by the speaker in which the speaker explained the material about critical thinking through PowerPoint, so it was easier for participants to understand the material presented. Furthermore, participants who wanted to ask a question about the material presented by the speaker were given the opportunity for them to ask in the QnA session. The series of events in this workshop did not end here. There was also a case study session. In this session, the MC will explain 3 types of case studies, and participants were given the opportunity to answer with each case study lasting 2 minutes. After that, in the case study discussion session, MC told the answer of the case study to the participants and explained to them  the reason for the answer, and also the participants had an opportunity to ask a question regarding the case study’s answers. It’s the final series of events of the workshop before finally entering the closing session.

Hopefully, participants can get more knowledge through this event. See you at other events in BNEC!