Conquering the fear of public speaking

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

The rank of fear of average person in public speaking is higher than the fear of death. The truth is that this could affect our personal life and our activity at college. As we know that there are some courseworks at college that need public speaking skill and if we are afraid of public speaking, we will try to protect ourselves by avoiding public speaking and won’t get any good scores. Of course it will decrease our achievement at college life. Besides, nowadays public speaking is very important and used in many activities such as class presentation, making friends, manage our team, etc. Thus, here are some tips to conquer the fear of public speaking:

  1. Realize the Source of your Fear

Before we try to fix our fear in public speaking, we need to know the reason why we are afraid of public speaking. This will help us to ruminate ourselves so that we can find the solutions about the source of our fear.


  1. Prepare Extensively

Make sure that we know the material that we are going to explain. Make a detailed outline, and make it into different points so that it will be easier to memorize. Prepare for our speech well so that when our friends ask us some questions after the presentation, we could answer them. This preparation will decrease our fear and increase our self confidence in doing public speaking.


  1. Practice by Watching Yourself in the Mirror

We could practice our speech in front of mirror as if we are speaking directly to someone and don’t forget to pay attention to our facial expression, gestures, body movements, and how welcoming our appearance is. When we have gentle expression and calm attitude when we speak, we will welcome more our audience. The more often you practice, the more you will remember what you want to present, the more you will be fluent in the public speaking. Even if you are nervous at the time, but you still have at least memorized line to present.


  1. Record and Learn Your Voice

Record our speech on our phone or video camera. Record ourself giving the talk from beginning to end. Then listen to it, observe it, and make notes on how we could make it better. Some people do not like listening to the sound of their voice on tape, so it is important that we get used to our own voice and speaking style. This will also help us to increase our public speaking skill because it helps to build our confidence.




  1. Practice Your Speech to Another Person


The person who watches our performance usually can give us critics and suggestion that can build us to be more skillful and confident in public speaking. But be sure to tell the person to be completely honest with us in their critique. Besides, speaking directly to another person will help us relax and give us experience by getting feedback from someone.


  1. Get Public Speaking Classes

It is really useful for us to have a good public speaking mentor because we can learn the art of public speaking and the real technique of public speaking. This will help us to get over our fear by having us practice speaking over and over under our coach.


  1. Don’t Overthink Audience’s Response

The more we think about the audience’s response the more we will fear when we do public speaking. When we are at the stage or speaking in public, we need to calm our mind first. Remember that even if we see people looking at us like they think we are weird, just ignore it. What they think doesn’t matter. If there is something we know we are doing wrong, fix it as quick as possible.



Nothing great comes easy. That is why the fear of public speaking won’t be instantly gone, we all need to work hard for it first. Practice makes perfect, therefore just start.