Get Smart with Social Media

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Nowadays there are many people using social media. Some of them use it for works and some use it for fun. But there are also many people who use social media in negative way especially teenagers and they tend to use social media to attack the others or even bullying. These facts show that there are some people who do not use social media wisely. Social media can be used in a good way, it is proved with many examples of successful stories of people from using social media. It could mean for us to achieve success than if it used for things that are not useful. Here are some ways to use social media wisely:

  1. Think Before You Post Something

This is the crucial part that can give influence to the others. Once you post something, it will be read by your friends on your social media account and even can be spread further. If you post something bad such as bullying your friend, racism, or mocking your friend, it will ruin your self-image. Because of that you need to post something useful so that the people who read your post can be encouraged or even be helped by the things that you post.

  1. Choose your Friends Wisely

On social media, you will get friend requests from your friends whom you know and also strangers. You can add your friends that you know but for strangers, you don’t have to add them as friends just because they request it. In this case, we deserve the right to not add someone as a friend if we don’t know who they are.

  1. Don’t Let Social Media Control you

These days, many of us are addicted to social media. We are difficult to detach ourselves from our cellphone. Every single minute or even second we always check our social media accounts and think that without it we don’t know what to do. It is okay if we check our social media accounts, but don’t let them control you. Once they control you, you will feel hard to focus yourself to do other activities.

  1. Find Useful Information from Social Media

Social media provides a lot of things including useful information such as job vacancies, international issues, internships, study exchange program, etc. We can get many chances by getting the information from social media and it may help us to reach the success. So we use social media not only just for fun but also to get useful informations.

  1. Don’t Forget about Real Life

Don’t let social media make you forget about your real life. I’ve ever found someone posted like this: “I’m so bored ! Someone message me!”. It shows that he/she just needs friend on social media even though there are many friends who are available for him/her in real life. Guys, it’s time for us to focus more in our real life. Social media is important but our life is more important. We have few responsibilities now, but much more free time than we will have later in life and the world is full of adventure. Don’t spend this part of our life waiting around for someone to entertain us but go out and find something amazing.                                                                                   

Social media can be good if we use it wisely, but it can also be bad if we use it in a bad way. Therefore, be smart in using social media so that it will give advantages for us.

Jonathan Gary

4 December 2015