NEON (National English Competition)

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

NEON (National English Competition)


NEON is a national-scaled English competition organized by Tarumanagara English Club (TEC) from Tarumanagara University. It is open for senior high school students as well as varsity students with 5 fields of competition, which are Scrabble, Spelling Bee, Story Telling, Short Stories, and Newscasting.



The 2016 NEON was held at Tarumanagara University itself on May 11-13, 2016 and was participated by many top universities from Indonesia such as BINUS University, LSPR (London School of Public Relations), Lampung University, and many others.



This year through BNEC, BINUS University attained 2 achievements at NEON, which were:


  • The 1st Rank of Newscasting: Kartika

  • The 2nd Rank of Story Telling: Tommy Sutarno