By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Once again, BNEC had just conducted its annual Outing Program which was held on May 1-2, 2016 over at Cibodas, Mandalawangi near Cibodas Botanical Garden with “Stay outside for a night, stay together all night” as the tagline. With the theme of “Stay Out, Stay Together”, it has the meaning of having fun together, releasing the stress and hecticness, as well as getting a refreshment together.

There were 45 participants; consisting of BNEC’s Board of Management, Active Member, Alumnae, and Liaison Officers of The 2016 AEO. For the concept itself, it has a differentiation from the past 2 years which were both conducted in an island. To create a new atmosphere this time, the concept was to camp outdoors; so that the participants would get a new experience, which was sleeping in a tent and feeling the nature’s vibe with that.

For the main event itself, there were paintball, campfire, cooking together in the camping area, as well as games to create the bonding among members. The significant differentiation from last year’s Outing Program are the location and the main activities.

“In my opinion, Outing Program is one of the activities that can bond BNEC’s members together. It gives me many memorable things, such as staying overnight in a tent, playing paintball, having fun in the waterfall, cooking in the darkness, and so on. By joining Outing Program, I can know them deeper, especially the active members. Playing cards and Werewolf together, as well as singing together were the best parts in this Outing Program,” Cinthia said.

Organized by BNEC, Outing Program is totally a worth. So, don’t forget to join Outing Program next year! There will be a lot of fun, games, experiences, and many others that you can get. You’ll get to know deeper about one another and get new friends, as well!