11 Ways to Celebrate New Year Around the World

By : admin - Posted on : 2017-05-26 19:29:04

A new year, a new start and a new way to go! Happy New Year extraordinaries!

The new year has come and new hope of your life has just started. Simply, new year is marked with some celebration with family, friends and colleagues. When the clock strikes at midnight, taraa! New year has begun and aren’t you guys curious about what are the unique celebrations that other countries do?

  1. In Macedonia, people celebrate New Year’s Eve for 2 times

New Year’s Eve is celebrated both on December 31st as well as on January 14 according to the Macedonian Orthodox (also known as the Julian or Lunar) Calendar. Therefore, fireworks happen throughout the day on the 31st, and Macedonian children receive gifts from relatives on the 14th January.

  1. In Estonia, they eat up to 12 meals!

People in Estonia believe that they should eat seven, nine or twelve meals on New Year’s Eve. they believe with each meal consumed, they will gain the strength in the following year and traditionally, they don’t eat the entire meal because the meal is left unfinished for the spirits or ancestor who visit the house on the New Year’s Eve.

  1. Prank! In Denmark, People tend to throw plates for luck


By smashing plates and glasses, Danes people believe they will have a good luck and will have many friends on the year ahead. For the extra good luck, it is necessary to stand on top of chair and leap off at midnight. What a tradition!

  1. In Germany, people eat pigs made by marzipan and watch TV

Celebrating New Year’s Eve by eating pigs made by marzipan is considered as a token of good luck. They also love to watch the 1920s British Cabaret Play Dinner For One that is broadcast on German television stations in black and white mode each year.

  1. In Belgium, children write New year’s letter to their parents


New Year is often celebrated with writing some resolutions. While in Belgium, Belgian children write New Year’s letters to their parents or godparents on New Year’s day. The unique part is, they decorate the cards with fancy paper complete with colored roses and then read them aloud to their parents.

  1. Greek hang an onion on their doors

“Kremmida” is the term of hanging onions on the door on New Year’s eve as a symbol of rebirth in the next year. Greek parents traditionally tap their children on the head to wake them up before going to church.

  1. Spanish people eat 12 grapes for luck


It is common in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries to eat 12 grapes to pursue luck for the year ahead. They start to eat grapes in the midnight and countdown while making a wish. The tradition dates start in 1895 when some vine farmers realized they had a surplus of grapes and started the tradition to eat the grapes to get more customers.

  1. Japanese believe the God of the New Year comes down to earth

In Japan, Buddhist temples ring their bells 108 times to welcome Toshigami, the New Year’s God. While in the other side, the Japanese also clean their homes and send thank-you cards called ‘nengajo’ to wish a Happy New Year and give thanks to friends and colleagues.

  1. Eating a spoonful of Lentils in Chile

To bring prosperity for the next 12 months, Chile people eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight and putmoney at the bottom of shoe. Those things are supposed to bring a more delightful year ahead

  1. People burn effigies of their enemies at midnight in Ecuador

In Ecuador, people gather outside their homes to burn the dummies together. The dummies represent misfortunes from the past year which will be burned in the streets. They did this to get rid of the negative energy in the past year.

  1. Filipinos enjoy wearing  polka dots and display round fruits

In New Year’s Eve, Philippines people enjoy wearing polka dots while carrying coins in their pockets. They also tend to display round fruits such as oranges, pineapples and grapefruits because round objects signify prosperity. Filipinos families also enjoy eat the fruits while celebrating New Year.

Last but not least, all of the New Year celebration will always be wonderful. No matter how we celebrate it, by the time you will realize that your year is getting awesome with people around you. A classic celebration to welcome New Year, let’s write a Resolution to make a better 2017!