10 facts about Nyepi you may haven't know!

By : admin - Posted on : 2017-05-26 19:30:00
  1. Nyepi” means silent from Indonesia word “sepi”.
  2. Nyepi is The Hindu Day of Silence or The Hindu New Year in the Balinese Saka calendar.
  3. Before Nyepi Day, there is a celebration called “Ogoh-Ogoh”. The history behind this beautiful cultural event is that Balinese people parade with hand crafted creatures in the street as a gesture of calling out the evil spirits & demons. The Silent day Nyepi is to tricking those demons in believing that there is no one in the Island by remaining silent so they can leave.
  4. Nyepi mainly celebrated in Bali, Indonesia.
  5. The only village in Bali where Nyepi is not celebrated is Tenganan ethnic Village.
  6. One million liter of fuel is saved during Nyepi’s silent day – It is also prohibited to use electricity except in hospitals
  7. During Nyepi Day, the island is free of traffic,  noise, pollution, even the airport and Bali’s aerial space is closed!
  8. No hotels check in or check out on Nyepi Day – No shops are opened. Make sure to have kept food at home. Some hotels also propose a “Nyepi package” including meditation.
  9. Nyepi is preceded by the Melasti ritual (3-4 days beforehand) performed near the sea, in order to purify sacred items from the temples.
  10. CO2 emissions are drastically reduced thanks to Nyepi – However, Ogoh-ogoh are not made of bio-degradable materials (5,000 of them are paraded every year)