Binusian Corner - PO BINUS Easter Service 2018

By : Azriel Hutagalung - Posted on : 2018-07-12 16:52:01


BNEC - Binusian Corner - PO BINUS Easter Service 2018


A week after the Easter, Persekutuan Oikumene (PO) BINUS held an Easter Service on Monday evening, April 8, 2018. This event was held as a symbolization to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who passed away in the Good Friday to atone human sins and alive again in the third day, Easter Day.


"Path of Peace" as the theme in their Easter Service celebration, conveys the message to the audience, Christians in BINUS, to find and be able to walk in the path that leads to the peace that they believe, the peace in Jesus Christ.


BNEC - Binusian Corner - PO BINUS Easter Service 2018


The 800 Hall in BINUS Anggrek Campus, the event venue, was contained in a warm atmosphere. Right in the front, a podium stood at the center, with plenty of ornaments decorated the room and gave an Easter vibe. The best part was when everyone, including us, the delegation of BNEC, welcomed with the ushers' hospitality. They welcomed and would escort you to the best seat available.


Prepared for two months starting from February, this event was successfully conducted in that day. The event started with the "Saat Teduh", the act to welcome God in our heart and continued by singing praises to uplift the emotions. All the activities were arranged perfectly for the Christians to prepare their heart for the most important moment, the preaching, which was led by Maya Sianturi.


BNEC - Binusian Corner - PO BINUS Easter Service 2018


On around 6:30 PM, the service reached the end as everybody sang for one last time. After that, everyone received a dinner box to bring home and many of them stayed to chat with each other while having the dinner. As BNEC Delegations, we approached the Project Officer of the event to show our gratitude for the invitation and congratulate them for this successful event. We look forward for your future events!