Achievement - The 2018 Indonesian Varsity English Debate (IVED)

By : Renata Pricilla - Posted on : 2018-07-19 21:19:04

BNEC - The 2018 Indonesian Varsity English Debate (IVED)

A competition provides infinite opportunities for the participants. Besides providing a platform to show your talent, it can also become a stepping-stone to achieve greater things in life. To realize it, BNEC supports its talents to improve by joining competitions.

Recently on January 26-30, 2018, 6 Debate talents competed in a prestigious national-scale Debate competition organized by Mercu Buana English Club, The 2018 Indonesian Varsity English Debate with “Speak Up Your Critical Mind to Unite Diverse Paradigm” as the theme.

After passing many rounds, all the delegations overcame the challenges and gained several achievements. Here are the details:

  • Jamilah, Willy Pratama Gunawan, Pandu Noer Umaro (Open Octo-Finalist (Main Break Category))
  • Janice Lo, Felix Kurniawan, Aditya Dwi Anugrah P (Reserved Novice Semi-finalist (Novice Break Category))
  • Pandu Noer Umaro (7th Best Speaker)
  • Jamilah (5th Best Reply Speaker)
  • Agnes Isna Kuswondo (3rd Novice Best Speaker)

Agnes who won the 3rd Novice Best Speaker title told us about her experience during The 2018 Indonesian Varsity English Debate. “I am very glad to compete in IVED 2018 because it was my first time joining a national-scale competition. I could meet Indonesian Debating community and exposed to great motions.” However, she was quite disappointed with her performance since she didn’t manage to break into the main category. She also added that it needed some improvements. Regardless, she had a good experience there. She was also asked to perform before the preliminary round at the exhibition, where she debated in front of 50 adjudicators.

Obviously, not everyone who enters the competition will win. The most important thing to note is that journey is a process, not an endpoint. Any success or failure is just another stepping stone to reach the next journey process. Just focus on what you’ve gained, and keep developing, whatever the outcome is.