BNEC’s Study Tour in Tokopedia

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

This time, BNEC had done its study tour in Tokopedia that was held by Member Focus division. The purpose of this event is to know how the E-Commerce system can be used in the process of selling and buying  products, to develop the hard skill of BNEC members in order to get new knowledge about E-Commerce in business, and to learn the value of Tokopedia’s preposition that make it more dominant than the other E-Commerce. The total participants who joined the study tour are 18 participants which consist of BNEC members and other Binusians

We got many things by participating in this study tour. Not only we got the new knowledge about E-Commerce from the leader of Tokopedia but we were also guided to watch the working situation in there. It’s really great to know that many staffs from Tokopedia are the alumnae of BNEC. We were impressed because the office was clean and comfortable. There are also PS 4 and X-Box so that everyone can play those games when break time.

After we arrived at Tokopedia, we were greeted by the PR division of Tokopedia. Then they guided us to a room to gave us the information about Tokopedia. After that we had a mini games that involved the BNEC members.

Then, they started the first session. The PR division introduced Mr. Eka Wirya, the Business and Merchant Development in Tokopedia who would become the speaker in this session. He started this session by explaining the general division of Tokopedia and this company’s vision and mission. He also told us about the hardships of making Tokopedia reach its target until right now.

After the first session had done, the PR division guided us to their office to introduce their divisions.

We came to know the working situation in the office in general. We were also introduced to the second office of Tokopedia.

After they guided us to their offices, we returned to the room to had question and answer session with Mr. Eka. There was also a competition that involved all of the participants in Tokopedia to take a picture in Tokopedia during the first session until the last session and then uploaded the picture in Twitter with the hashtag that was mentioned by Mr. Eka. The winner of this competition was Febryanto and he got merchandise from Tokopedia. We also gave Mr.Eka a souvenir to thank him because they had given us many things in this study tour.

This competition ended all of the sessions that have been held and all of the participants were ready to go home. We really enjoyed our time in Tokopedia because we got many precious experiences and new spirit in becoming successful people. Some of the participants said, “The study tour in Tokopedia was really useful because we can get new things and new knowledge about E-commerce”. Besides, they also know the situation of an office so that they can become ready to work in a company. We hope that we can be the next leader of Tokopedia and can make Indonesia as the developed country by the existence of E-Commerce.