Outing Program BNEC 2015 “Ocean of Harmony”

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

BNEC has come back this year with brand new concept of outing program, with the theme "Ocean in Harmony". The reason behind this theme is we want this outing program could be able to harmonize BNEC members, alumnae and also Liaison Officers of Asian English Olympics 2015. This event was held on 21st until 22nd of March 2015 in Pramuka Island. The trip took about 4 hours, but the participants didn't feel like it was a long journey because they enjoyed the trip. Just like what people say "When you enjoy what you are doing, the time will pass quickly". After arriving at the island and a short briefing, we went inside the villa to our own chosen room with our roommates. Then, after putting our stuffs, it's play time!

We played many games at the field near the beach. We played, we laughed, we competed and made our bonding with each other. There were so many games prepared by the committees in order to make no gap between us anymore.

Besides, the purpose of those games is to build a teamwork. As we know there won't be a successful community without great teamwork between all the members.

The happiness that this event brought was shown with smiles and laughter not only from the committees but also from the participants. And then we took a shower and took our meal to refill our energy. We also took this chance to talk with each other to get to know better about them. We shared our story about the Asian English Olympics event and told our own memorable experiences. In the noon, the committee prepared for our next plan: the wishing lantern!

All the participants then gathered in their team and were given one wishing lantern. Each of us was given a sticky note to write our wishes there. After that, we sticked our wishes note at the lantern and then flew it, with hope that our wishes would come true one day. The lantern was just a media to send the wishes to God and we believed that He would read the messages in heaven and give us way to reach our dreams.

The next event continued with a campfire. We gathered surrounding the campfire. And then we happily had the time to get along with each other again. After a long and tiring day, we took a deep sleep and prepared for the next day.

Waking up in the sunny morning, with the last activity in this Outing Program, which was snorkeling. We took a look inside of the beautiful ocean and played with each other. We felt free and happy as we were snorkeling and saw the inside of the sea. This outing program is worth the price, relieving our stress, giving us fun, making us closer with our other family,  and bringing us such a beautiful memories there! Thanks for the hard work from the 2015 Outing Program committees! “Time will fly and day will pass but the special moments we made will never fade. Harmonize as one family.” – Ferdinand.