Negotiation and Convincing

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

In your daily life, you must have faced a problem in which you are demanded to negotiate about something, and convince the other party to agree with your proposed idea, to get a better deal. The things are what we are supposed to prepare for the negotiation and how we deal with convincing people?



Negotiation is an important thing to get a deal with companies. We can’t just agree to a company with all their requests, especially if it only brings benefits to one side. That is why we need a negotiation skill to make the deal beneficial for both sides.

There are 5 things that we must notice about negotiation:

  1. We must know about our own company and our rivals.

The first thing we should know is our own company. What are our products? What are our strengths compared to our rivals? What are our weaknesses? These things will help us in negotiating. We can tell the company about our strengths, and avoid comparing our weaknesses.

  1. Do the research about the company that we want to approach.

Things we should know:

  • Company’s background
  • Their rivals and what are their strengths compared to their rivals
  1. Show your willingness and attitude.
    • Be professional
    • Talk politely
    • Be flexible -> Do not say “no” directly -> If they don’t agree with our offers, do re-offering!
  2. Value:

We must know our values and their values, so the deal could bring benefits to both sides.

If we are approaching 2 similar companies, but finally both of them agree with us, we should find a way to grab both of them. For example: try to offer one of them for another event, or make a different promotion.


Well, there are situations when the company we’re approaching doesn’t really believe in what we say. Therefore, hopefully these tips will help us to convince them.

  1. Generalize then specify it.

If we offer something, first we must start from the general which is showing why our offer is good, and after that we must move to the more specific reasons on how this offer will bring benefits to the company that we want to approach.

  1. Talk about facts!

Avoid using words like “in my opinion” and “you will know if you try”. Instead, use words that make all of our words sound like facts.

  1. Give them a third-person perspective.

We can convince the company that we want to approach by talking about the previous companies that already had a deal with us and how they are satisfied with us.