Helmi Yahya Goes to Campus: How to be a Creative and Successful Young Entrepreneur

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015 BINUS English Club (BNEC) cooperated with Young Entrepreneurs Society (Ye$) had invited Helmi Yahya to present a seminar entitled "Be a Creative and Succesful Young Entrepreneur" . This event lasted approximately 2 hours and a half at the auditorium, Anggrek Campus, Binus Unversity. We decided to invite Helmi Yahya because he is one of creative and successful young entrepreneurs. During the seminar, he recounted the journey of his life to be successful until now. He wants to encourage young people to become an entrepreneur like him to be able to compete with other foreign youths.

Almost everyone knows that Helmi Yahya is the brother of Tantowi Yahya. Tantowi Yahya is a person who often appears on the TV screen, while Helmi Yahya more frequently performs behind the scenes to become a producer. Helmi Yahya came from the city of Palembang. His childhood life was not too well economically. He had to fight hard to survive in an environment that was quite hard. From this experience, Helmi Yahya became an unyielding. Since he was child, he is smart and often received scholarships in school until he becomes successful as he is now.

In this seminar, he gave several tips to become a young man who is creative and successful. Here are the tips:

  1. Commitment and Integrity

    People who have high commitment and integrity, they never feel fear, doubt, or waver in carrying out the tasks assigned to them.

  2. Hard Work

    Prioritize work and fill the time available with real action to achieve the goal.

  3. Confidence

    Believe in yourself, do not hesitate to act, even tended to involve themselves directly in various situations with optimism to succeed.

  4. Take Risk

    He was always taking into account the successes and failures in any activity in particular to achieve his wish. He will step up when the possibility of failure is not too big.

  5. Innovative

    He is open to ideas, views, and new discoveries that can be used to improve performance.

  6. Independent

    He is concerned with autonomy in acting, decision-making and the selection of various activities within achieve the goal. He prefers to work alone, to determine and select the appropriate way of working with him. He can only work in the group if it has a freedom to act and make decisions.

  7. Able to Adapt

    He always tries to adapt quickly in different situations of human relationships. He was an active associate, fostering acquaintances and seek new acquaintances, as well as trying to be involved primarily to those encountered in daily activities.

They were some of the tips given by Helmi Yahya. Hopefully the tips could be useful for all the youth in Indonesia. BINUS English Club is really grateful of the opportunity given and the willingness from Helmi Yahya to share this knowledge to the students.