Exchange to Korea: The Things That Can Only be Got by Exchanging

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Have you ever visited Korea? Maybe some of you have ever visited Korea and some of you have not. There are many things that make people interested to visit Korea, such as the K-Pop bands (the girlband and boyband from Korea that are famous with their amazing dance while singing), then the unique culture of Korea, the Korean Drama, etc. In this case, we want to share the experience of a student from Binus University that has been visited Korea for exchange program for around 6 months. She is Jennifer Laura, a second year student from Binus University majoring in Computer Science. Here are several points that she shared:


  1. “I really enjoy”

She really enjoyed her time during the exchange in Korea because she got new friends from 25 countries and of course she also got new knowledge plus experience that can’t be got easily aside from taking this exchange chance.


  1. Learn more

Having an exchange, she learned to be more independent person in Korea as it is really different to live in Indonesia and in Korea because of the culture differences. Living in Korea has also made her to come out from her comfort zone because she is forced to use different language like English or Korean. Moreover, most of Korean people aren’t good in speaking English so that it became a must for her to learn Korea language. She even learned Italian from her Italian roommates. This situation can be good opportunity for students to develop their English and to learn new language from the other country.


  1. Requirements for having exchange

You also need some requirements to join the exchange program in Korea. The requirements that are needed by each university are different. Some of them need to gradually face several phases of test to join the exchange program, it can be writing some essay, psychology test, video project, or even an online interview.


  1. You won’t regret

Jennifer said that you won’t get disadvantage by exchanging to Korea because you will get many things that you want. She also said that the most unpleasant thing about this journey was the fact that it had to end. There is also a term that is related to the exchange : “Exchange is like riding a Roller Coaster”. While your body is already underneath, your heart is still like on the top. While your body is already in your own country, your heart is still left in the country that you were exchanged. It means that you will miss the experiences and the moments that you have made in exchanged country. The other thing was the separation with friends. She met her best friends there and knowing that it would be hard to meet them after the program was bittersweet. However, she still keeps in touch with them because she believes that it would keep them close. They have also been trying to meet again somewhere and travel together if possible.


  1. The opportunity to compete in AFTA 2015

The exchange program offers so many benefits. People will recognize you as an Indonesian, which a lot of foreigners don’t know about even though they know Bali. You will learn more about Indonesia and to be aware of your own country while being in a developed country like Korea. The international experience will open your eyes to be a better person as an Indonesian. Besides this student exchange will also increase the opportunity to compete in AFTA 2015. One of the ways to compete well is to have international experience and you will get it by having student exchange in Korea.

The journey has also changed Jennifer for the better: her way of thinking, attitudes, and hard skills (world-class education). The turning point from the whole journey is realizing that she can achieve a lot of things in this global community. Nowadays, she thinks bigger and more motivated to realize her dreams. From her sharing, it is clear that all of you will not regret to take the program because you will get so many opportunities to develop your skills, having international experience and also memorable fun journey!