Exchange to Australia: My Memorable Exchange Experience

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

In this global era where almost every country is connected, knowledge becomes one of the most important things to have. With knowledge we will be able to compete and persist in this era. The need of knowledge makes people try to get it from everywhere, some people try to gain their knowledge in domestic area where the others prefer to go abroad. For some people knowledge gained just from their own country is not enough, they think having an international experience will make them have knowledge from different point of view, experience and might be language.


Moreover with AFTA 2015, it is a big opportunity to go abroad, yet a challenge for us to compete. That even can make many students want to have an international experience more. Furthermore, there are many opportunities for students to have that experience by taking exchange chances that are already provided for them.

Shelma, one of our Board Members from BINUS English Club’s Public Relation division who has got an exchange opportunity to Australia for 1 semester, has shared her experience to us. On this opportunity, she also got scholarship from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.


  1. Why I choose Australia

She prefers to go to Australia because the only countries that offer scholarship for her major that she knew are Australia and Korea, but a lot of Binusian went to Korea, she thought that Korea is too mainstream for exchange destination, so that she prefers choosing to have the different destination. Australia is also a developed country that makes her more interested to choose as an exchange destination.


  1. Most Memorable Experience

The most memorable experience In Australia for Shelma was the people who are really friendly, not only her friends but also the strangers that are willing to help when she had any difficulties. This friendly culture could bring a good habit to be applied in Indonesia. By joining exchange program, we could meet a lot of friends from different countries such as from Europe, America and others Asian countries. They all have different cultures who give her a chance to have more knowledge from them and also could learn to adapt in a diverse cultures.


  1. Tips

Tips for those who want to have exchange is to keep confidence especially in the interview session at the selection phase. And when you have already been accepted for the exchange, it will be more difficult to prepare and take care of all the documents needed and also hard to arrange the course map for schedule with a tight deadline, but do not forget your motivation to go abroad for exchange and keep the patience to achieve it.

                       To get more means to strive more. The way to get the exchange might not be easy but the experience that you could get will be very worth it. Like Shelma’s experience she felt a culture shock at the first time arrived in Australia but when she went back to Indonesia, she felt the reverse culture shock even worse and found the culture there is so much better, but then it brings change to her after going back from the exchange program, now she becomes more care and willing to help others. Moreover she is more budge to others like in a public transportation she prefers to budge a place to others who need it. It means exchange experience has made her to become a better person and made her learn something that she can only get from those exchange experience.