Study Tour at BNEC: Visits from STKIP Islam Bumiayu

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

On May 28, 2015 English Learners Community STKIP Islam Bumiayu came to BNEC for study tour. Having greeted by our Steering Committee at Syahdan Campus, they looked so passionate to learn. English Learners Community STKIP Islam Bumiayu is led by Dini Agustine, the president of the club. It was the first time of them visit BNEC.

  1. Welcoming

Our board of managements welcomed them at our beloved BNEC House while they were having a tour around. We taught them BNEC’s Cheers “BNEC Extraordinary!” which has become our motto for the past 23 years.


  1. Introducing and Explaining

Then we continued with the presentation, we talked about the history of BNEC and the process on how BNEC has been developing until this current state. Apart from that, we also talked about other things related to BNEC.


  1. Question and Answer

Then there was also a Question and Answer session. All of English Learners Community STKIP Islam Bumiayu members were so enthusiastic to learn, it was proven by many questions which they asked.


  1. Closing Session

The main event of the study tour was ended with the sharing session and giving token as part of the appreciation from both entities. All of us had a photo session together.

Realizing that they got a lot of new experiences in BNEC, English Learners Community STKIP Islam Bumiayu proposed BNEC to collaborate and work together with them by inviting BNEC to become the judges and speakers in their events. But since the event’s timeline has not fixed yet, we still need to match BNEC’s schedule with theirs.

Based on English Learner Community STKIP Islam Bumiayu’s leader, Dini Agustine’s point of view, the study tour is impressive. The spirit of BNECers is the main point that make Dini impressed. She said that back at their English Club, the members is used to talking about BNEC and comparing between BNEC and their English Club. So through this study tour, she wants to add more participations from the other students outside English Major.

From this study tour, BNEC has moved one step closer to reach it’s goal of the year which is organization professionalizing and recognition. As well, BNEC does social things in order to help other communities who are willing to develop. In addition we also get new friends and can expand our networking wider.

Hopefully this experience can improve the knowledge for both BNEC and English Learners Community STKIP Islam Bumiayu.