Helping Kids to Chase Their Dream, BNEC held The 2015 Social Event

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Being an organization which focusing on English, BNEC doesn’t stop there to be an extraordinary organization. As an annual event of BNEC, this year social event raising the theme “Stairs for The Little Dreamer”, is aiming for providing a platform for grabbing the little kids’ big dream.

Our main activity was teaching them English. Since English is pretty much important now and these kids haven’t got the chance to learn it, BNEC is giving them free English lesson for two months in a row twice a week. We are covering ten orphanages that hasn’t got the good chance to give these little dreamers a real experience in learning English.


Other than teaching we were also holding the final day on Lippo Puri Mall with English Competitions as the main event. There are five field of competitions: Spelling Bee, Guess The Picture, Complete The Song, Fill in The Blanks, and Arranging a Word. This English Competition was attended by the students that we have thought before and have the most progress on learning English. In each competition, every orphanage was sending one of their students. They were chosen to represent the orphanages to win the competition. The guardians of the orphanages were also coming to see how their students are progressing and also to encourage their students.



The final day was closed by announcing the winners of each competitions. The kids were so happy knowing that they can be the winner and make their orphanage proud.

The euphoria hasn’t ended yet. As the closing, all the participants and the committees were dancing ‘The Gummy Bear’ Dance. Not only that, we also gave them a little surprise with spreading the colorful balloons to all participants and then popped it together as there was a bracelet written “friend” in each balloon for them.

BNEC are not just giving the learning platform for the kids on those days only. Our goal is meant to be a long-term merit for the kids, thus, we are giving them books and mini library for each orphanage so that they can continue their studies and sharpen their English skill more even the event has done. BNEC want to make learning as a habit for the little dreamers as one of their way to reach their dream.

“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice”

 –Brian Herbert–