University, I am Ready!

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Attention freshmen, university life is waiting for you. Will it be like what you’ve seen on movies? Or will it be the total opposite? Some of you might be wondering how you can settle in a new environment which is different from high school. How your next four years of university life turns out depends on what you do. Here we will give you some advices to survive in your university life.

1. Blend In

The key to adapt in new environment is to make friends as many as you can. The more friends you have, the more chance you won’t get homesick. Spend time with your new friends to kill the time. Go out and have fun with your new friends while you still have the time to do so.


2. Join Clubs

Other than meeting new friends, you can also join student organizations that can improve you more. Choose the student organization that suits you the most. When you have found the right environment, you will also find friends that might have the same vision and way of thinking with you.

3. Do Not Ever Procrastinate

Leaving all your works to be done on the last minute won’t solve any problem. You won’t know what will happen if you delay your work, so it would be better for you to finish them up right after you got the tasks. The result of your work will be a lot better if you are not doing it in a rush.

4. Keep in Touch With Your Family

There is nothing wrong to call your family member at home for once in a while. Share your new experience with them. They will absolutely wait for your stories. You can also have some time to ask for their suggestions when you have problems that you can’t solve yourself.

5. Don’t Turn Nocturnal

This usually happens to perfectionist types of students. They won’t stop doing their job until they have got the best result no matter what time it is. It’s okay for once you let go your time to take a rest for excel your result, but remember, your body needs a time off too, so don’t make it a habit.

6. Create a Cozy Place to Study

When you have your own ‘planet’ to study, you won’t recognize how much time you’ve spent studying, because you enjoy it. Build your own spot based on your study style. Make sure it gives you the atmosphere to concentrate well on your study.

7. Stay Healthy


Being a university students there will be no more PE but more junk food. Try to balance your diet. Eat veggies and fruits to supply vitamins to your body. Do some sports to relax your body and mind.



8. Give yourself a break

Sometimes spending more time than usual for your pleasure is not a sin. After going on a rough and busy hectic weeks full of workload, it’s okay to have some ‘Me Time’, giving you a reward after giving your best shot. But remember, don’t fall into this euphoria. You need to get back to your work after this so-called holiday is enough to refresh your mood.

9. Set Target

Plan your university life. What do you want to achieve in the end? Make a short-term and long-term plan and the strategy how you will get it. For example, have a 4.00 GPA can be your long-term plan and improving socialization skill by joining clubs can be your short-term plan. By having a target, it will boost your willingness to complete all your plans.

10. Enjoy Your University Life

Don’t just be a university student who only does these three activities in your life : studying – doing task – going home. Put a little spice in it. Enjoy every second of your university life, every ups and downs, every success and failure. There is no perfect life. Life is like a wheel, sometimes you are in the bottom side of the wheel and sometimes you are on the top side.