Finding your Own Talents and Skills to Help You Reach Success

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Do you know what your own talents are? It’s true that every people in this world are given different talents, even twin people have different talent with one another. The problem is there are many people that still don’t know what their talents are. Actually it is not that hard to find your own talents if you have good effort to find yours, and how to make it makes us reach our success. Thus, here are some tips that might be helpful:

1. Step out from your comfort zone

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Many people are already comfortable with their zone and unwilling to move out from it because they are thinking of many difficulties they might face. Many young generations don’t even want to try, to learn something new, or even to face through difficult situations. They just spent most of their time having fun, hanging out with their friends without considering about their future. It is true that moving out of comfort zone is really difficult but once you can move out from your comfort zone, and strive it out, you can know and find your own talents that can guide you to look for the better job that are appropriate with your passion.

2. Balance between the hard skill and soft skill

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Nowadays many students like to focus on one thing. For example, a student focuses in his study so that he can get good scores. Unfortunately he doesn’t join any kind of student organizations so that he doesn’t have any experiences in soft skills and faced difficulties in finding a suitable job for himself. There is also a student that focuses in her student organization but doesn’t care much with her study. Consequently, she failed in her study and must repeat again with the same subjects for some period. In this case, we have to find the balance. We have to good in study and also in student organization so that we can still get either hard skill from the knowledge we got from our study, or soft skill from many experiences we got in the student organization. In this case, if we can balance it, we could also learn the new ability to manage our time wisely for both activities we joined which are called time management skill and multitasking skill.

3. Try many different activities


Having different activities sometimes can make us busy and overwhelmed to manage our time. But this tip is proven as the good one to find out one’s talent. Related to this point, there is a person that had done this point and his name is Oliver Goldsmith. His job was an author and he was a really successful writer in this world. He had ever worked as priest, doctor, and had college in law major but all of those activities and efforts are failed because all of those jobs weren’t his passion. Until one time, after trying many different fields of jobs, he found his true passion that is writing. He kept developing his talent until he became a successful person and well-known. There are many moral values that we can learn from Oliver. First is never give up in finding talents and passion. Second is developing the talents that we have find out and third is although Oliver was late in finding his talents, he could catch up fast.

4. Talk to your friends and family


We can also share with people around us like our friends and family because sometimes they might know us better than ourselves. In this case, they can give us suggestions related with our talent and can help us to know more about our talent. Besides, they can also support us to improve our talent so that we can feel more confident and encouraged to train more and more.

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