Friendship 101 Part One : From Strangers to Best Friends

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

For some of you, it might be hard to socialize with a complete strangers. But do you realize that all of your best friends now were used to be a stranger for you. Time changes it all.

But first, before knowing the way how to get new friends, you need to know what type of friends you are going to aim. Broadly speaking, there are three types of friends:

First type of friend is “Hi-Bye” friends or usually called as acquaintances. These are people whom you meet as your co-worker or classmates. You say hi when you meet each other and say bye at the end of the day. That’s it, after you both are apart or not working on the same line again, the friendship slowly gone.

The second is Regular friends. These friends are your social friends, activity buddies you meet up every now and then to catch-up or hang out with. You can generally talk about common things you both enjoy talking of.

The last type is True soul friends or what we know as best friends. These friends are the friends you can talk about anything and everything with, even it is a nonsense or an embarrassing thing. You may or may not meet up every day, but it doesn’t matter at all, because your friendship’s strength is not again only determined by how frequently you meet up. These are the friends whom can be trusted to be there for you whenever you need them, and they will go the extra mile for you.

Mostly we have the type one of friend, which is the hi-bye friend. We probably have a lot of hi-bye friends more than we can count. No matter if you just want to make normal friends or best friends, you can do that by following these tips and tricks on getting to know your stranger step by step until they become your other half.

1. Shoo The Ghost Messing Up With Your Head


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One of the most typical reasons you don’t want to start the conversation is that over-thinking happens in your mind. You think too much about what if he doesn’t recognize me, what if she doesn’t want to be my friends, and other “what if” your head make. The first key of making friends is to get rid of those unreasonable minds. Get the courage to greet them and break the ice, once that happen, he or she will be no longer a stranger for you.


2. Start it With a Small Step with People You Know


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Showing up yourself and making friends in a group consisting of bunch of people might be a little bit intimidating for some people. Lower down the pressure by start communicating with your inner circle of friends, for example people you are most familiar with. First you need to reach the acquaintances level of friendship. Then see if there are any cliques where you can join in the group. Once you have got into the topic, get to know your friends’ friends. And if it work, you might have some invitation to go out together, just say yes and have fun with your new team.

3. Get into The Middle of The Circle


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Once you have more acquaintances, it’s time for you to extend it outward to people you don’t know, to make even more relations. You can start with joining meet-up groups based on your passion, for example group of hikers, group of cooking class, group of entrepreneurs, and so on. Other than that, you might want to attend workshops, become volunteer, and go to the parties.

4. Take The First Shot



Have you ever started a communication to strangers? I bet many of you haven’t done that. Actually, this is one of the most effective ways to get to know more to the strangers. By opening a conversation, you two will automatically find information about each other which is the thing that will build up your friendship.

5. Open Yourself More Towards your Friends


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Open your heart and mind to create a good friendship. Listen to what your friends told you whole-heartedly, not just only hear them for now and then forget it. It will show how much you care about your friendship. Also be an open-minded person. Accept their opinions, critics, and suggestions. Those things will definitely be the key to a long last friendship.

6. Get to Know Your Friends



Friendship isn’t just about you or about your friends themselves. It’s about knowing each other equally. Understand what your friends’ like and dislike, what they are passionate for, how’s their everyday life, and so on. The more traits you know from your friends, the bigger the chance you will be best friends with them.

7. Be Genuine


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What others will think of me? What should we say next? What happen if I did something wrong? Those are the things we often too caught up with. If we think too much about it, we are missing the whole point of a friendship. Do things you want to, not because you need to do. Care them like you would do to yourself. If you approach others genuinely, you will attract people who wants to connect with you genuinely too.

8. Just be Who You Really Are


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Main rules of friendship, don’t change yourself to make new friends. That’s the worst thing to do. Just reveal your true identity. That way, your new friends will know you as you, not as somebody you are pretending to be. Once your friends know the true you, the decision to continue your friendship can be guaranteed.

9. Be Right There for Your Friends at The Very Moment


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Friendship is a supportive union between two people or more. Be there for your friends who need you and give them support to pass their problems. And remember, help them because you want to, not because you are obliged to. Also don’t do so with the high expectations to be helped next time. Sometimes, good things are paid twice the amount of the good things you have done and it is not always in the same form with the good things you have done before.

10. Make a Way to Keep in Touch to Each Other


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Once you have become inseparable with your friends, there will always a time to go apart from them. But don’t you worry, it’s not as bad as what you think. You can still have the time to reconnect with them. Spare one special occasion to be spent with your long distance friends. If you can manage to stay in touch to one another, your friendship will last until you grow old together.