Friendship 101 Part Two: How to Deal with The Difficult One

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Friendship 101 part two - BNEC

As we know, friends are just like pieces of puzzles. There is no one who has the same characteristics. But being different is the key to complete each other, right? One thing you need to remember is that nobody is perfect, everyone has their own good and bad side. You can’t expect them to always be those perfect good friends.

Some of you might have been got into this dilemma: they are my friends, but they do things that annoy me the most. What should I do? I can’t get mad at them. But I can’t stand their attitude. Worry no more, because we provide you the solutions to handle these kinds of situations.


1. The Insecure Ones who Somehow Take it Out on You

Insecure type of friends are the ones who are suffering or at least be bothered by something to the point that they take it out on you instead of asking for help. They have too much problems they can’t handle and they become too emotional on people around them. At one moment when they reach their final limit, they will explode and that explosion can be impactful to everybody, including their closest friends.

How to deal with them: Don’t take seriously anything they say personally. Just remember that they are not being like that because they’re unreasonable, but that they’re confused and have no idea about what to do. Be patient and ask them what is up instead. Offering help to them might be helpful too. At the end of the day when they finally have their clear mind back, they would apologize for their behavior.

2. The Ones Who are Taking it ‘Much Too Easy’ on Being Late

It is sad that it somehow has become acceptable that it’s okay to be late. And it is aggravated by the fact that nobody bothers to apologize for it. It might sound that they don’t appreciate the time we have allocated for them.

How to deal with them: Someone needs to really give changes to this bad habit. The more you give them chance for being late, the more time will be wasted, and they will probably never realize that it is wrong. Take a serious action about how important of being on time is, such as advising them that being on time is a must since we need to value others’ time. Once you have had enough with their ‘not being on time’ attitude, you may try to play their game. Adjust the situation to suit you and your time. If you know that they’re going to be late, then show up late yourself. It will teach them that not being on time will affect their activities.

3. The Self-Destructive Ones

Too bad if some friends have fallen so deep in their problems that they cannot help themselves anymore. Instead, they continue to hurt themselves as the way to get out of their problems such as starting to drink heavily or smoking excessively. In many cases, they will also refuse any helps offered from their friends and they just won’t listen to anyone anymore.

How to deal with them: Step in their life little by little. Ask them what their real problems are. Offer them some helps, you can keep insisting on helping them even if they refuse. Encourage them, tell them that it is not as bad as what they think it is. There is always a way or solution if they are open to receive help from the people around.

4. The Whiner

These guys are also known as the chronic complainer. All they do is whining, moaning and complaining non-stop about how bad their life is. They never appreciate what have happened to them.

How to deal with them: First, listen to them. Understand their case. Then, offering them advice might do. But remember, when you give the advices, be straight and honest. There’s no point in sugar coating your words as that will be feeding them the attention and assurance they think they want.

5. The Friends with Benefits One

Here, we are talking about ‘somehow we still can call friends’ who are just not good for you in any way. All they do is asking something from you without giving any care about what will happen to their friends. There are people who just want to get the benefits from you and give nothing worth back to you. This kind of friends are not the ones whose whole-heartedly want to be your friends.

How to deal with them: Not being the type of person who is asking back what they have given, but friendship means we are constructing each other for a better person. First thing you can do is trying to clear these things up. Ask them why they are giving you this kind of attitude. Solve the roots of the problems. Find the solutions to clear this up. But then, if there is nothing more that you can do, you don’t have any more thing you think you can keep up with, and all that they can give to you is negative vibes, you might be better considering to move on.

So, what do you think guys? Are someone popping out into your mind while you are reading this? I believe each of us have met one or even all of these kinds of friends, right? Therefore, how about giving it a try? And hope that these solutions might be helpful to solve that, good luck!