New Member Recruitment BNEC: Welcoming the New Young Talented Generation

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

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BNEC is a non-profit English organization at BINUS University. This organization teaches English to its members. Realizing the need of preparing students to be ready for the real working life, we also provide the learning platform for soft skills such as time management skill, communication skill, multi-tasking skill, teamwork, etc. An organization can be good if it has many members who have good quality. That is the reason why BNEC conducts the New Member Recruitment (NMR).

Every year, BNEC conducts NMR in order to get members to be trained under BNEC by providing our English Classes. We search for Binusians who lack of English skill in order to help them to develop their skill, and also potential Binusians who already have good English skill to keep improving their skill and give opportunity for them to become the English talents to compete in the competitions.

There were many activities in The 2015 NMR, such as:

1. Bunga Rampai

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This is a very important phase because this is the phase for introducing what BNEC is to the new Binusians, about what we do, what we are focusing on, and what they can get. During Bunga Rampai, every organization at BINUS University is given the chance to perform something that represents or to promote their organization.


And BNEC performed a newscasting show by BNEC members who talked about BNEC using their English skill. With the purpose that Binusian can capture the value and benefit of joining BNEC, then can decide to be part of BNEC without further consideration.

2. Expo


After Bunga Rampai, there is an exhibition from each organizations conducted at BINUS Syahdan Campus called Expo. Expo is also important phase because during Expo, all Binusians will come to choose their UKM. In this phase, BNEC will invite the new Binusian to join BNEC because there are so many Binusian who walk around to find UKM and still confused to decide.

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3. TOEFL Test

The next activity is TOEFL test. All of the registrants need to have the test on the chosen schedule. It is conducted to determine the English class level from their score and there will be re-registration information to join BNEC.


4. Welcome Party

The last activity is welcome party. This is a welcome party for the recruited new members of BNEC. We play games, have inauguration, eat and have fun together to make them have new friends, know each other, and also give information regarding the recruitment of being the committees who organize BNEC, called Board of Management (BoM). This is the place where BNEC provides many learning platforms for the members to learn soft skills.

Therefore, BNEC is an excellent option to be chosen by Binusians who want to improve either their English skills or soft skills. So what are you waiting for? Be the part of BNEC and grow together with us now!