Raditya Dika Goes to BINUS

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Me Featuring Social Media With SHOPEE

On October 2, 2015 BINUS Auditorium was filled with laughters. Yes, on that day, BNEC together with SHOPPEE invited Raditya Dika to come to BINUS as the speaker of the talkshow "Me Featuring Social Media". For about two hours, Raditya Dika talked about his life and how social media has changed his life. Raditya Dika has been one of the most famous Youtubers, writers, and comedians. The way he brought his story was really fun to listen and caught the attention.

Raditya Dika said that becoming the Raditya Dika now wasnít as easy as what people might think. He had to deal and overcome many obstacles. Like what he said about the moments when he started his writing, almost nobody bought his book. His parents were the only buyers. But that didnít make Raditya Dika gave up. In fact, he became more enthusiast after being slapped with the reality, so he improved his skill until he can become someone like him now, the Raditya Dika we know.

his story so that the participants didnít get bored listening to him. He even made a joke of himself, not in a bad way, but in a good way. And thatís what makes him being who he is now.

media. You can almost do anything there. Starting from branding until the execution of your career itself. And almost everyone uses social media nowadays, so it will be the effective way to attract people to see your page.

handed. Thanks to SHOPPEE and MIE KREMEZZ who had become our partner in this talkshow, the participants got goodie bag and snacks. Besides that, participants could create memories on this talkshow by taking photos at our photobooth supported by SHOPPEE. At the end of this talkshow, all the participants were happy and satisfied with the flow of the event. The way he brought this talkshow was so lively. As a comedian, he can add some spices to In Raditya Dikaís point of view, one of the best ways to start his career is through social After having filled up with laughter, the participants didnít leave the auditorium empty