Self Development Guide for Freshman

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04

Hi Fellas! It's time for you to be more independent now because you are facing new environment. The situation in college will be absolutely different with the situation in high school. When you were in highschool, parents probably still give many attentions about what you are doing, including your study, your friends, your activities, etc. They still have control over your life. But when you are in college you are required to be more independent and your parents can’t give full attention to you just like before, they are starting to let you choose your path, and face it by yourself, independently.

There are many ways that can bring you to the wrong path in your life, such as choosing the wrong activities you take, the wrong environment you join, the wrong friends you make with, the wrong partner you trust, etc. Thus, you need to be more careful with every step that you take when facing the new environment. Having the good community to join will also be a great impact for your life to develop yourself more. Therefore, we are giving some tips that might be useful for you to do in your fresh college year:

1. Be an active person

If you want to look for a new community, you have to be an active person first and find out what communities available in your campus. You can find out by the campus' Facebook or by asking to the seniors in your campus. Then you may join one or two clubs that you are interested in. And don't forget for being active in there! So not only you can get new friends from there but also a development for yourself.

2. Be a volunteer at some events in campus

Be a volunteer? Why not? You can help others by being a volunteer. This is also a good way for you to understand more about other kinds of program, besides it will give you a new knowledge that you haven't got from your college. It also helps you build a new connection with your partners in that new community, and it means new friends again for you!

3. Join religious event in campus

By joining religious event you can find new community that always build your characteristics to be better and to help each other when you are in difficulties. Sometimes, friends with the same religion could be easier to blend in and they understand each other more. Not only this will lead you to a good path, it will also increase your faith.

4. Join sport club in your campus

This is the best way for you to keep your body healthy and of course new friends again. And by having friends that has the same purpose, you can be reminded if you are starting to be lazy. Doing sport activities that you like can also increase your mood. So, why not having the community that can make you healthier?

5. Do your homework with your friends

When you have many homeworks to do, you don't always have to do it by yourself, you can try doing it together with your friends. It can be more fun than doing it yourself because you can exchange your mind with your friends. You also wouldn't be so bored because you can do your homework while having the chit chat with them too. Don't misunderstand that doing homework together is asking your friend to do your homework, but use this chance as a positive way to increase your knowledge about a subject that you are not good at. Besides you can find a new community that helps you to understand your subjects better.

6. Get an exchange program

Go to other countries is a really good opportunity for you to try to know more about social life and learn adaptation skill. This opportunity can add your international experiences and find different environment from your country for you to try. But don't be afraid of it because the more you dare to adapt the more you will find it interesting and you will enjoy that kind of new life. You will also learn and improve your new languages that can be useful for your future. And of course getting a new community from your international connection as your new friends.

7. Never Give up

The first year of your college is your big chance because you still have many times to spend and lot of opportunities provided. But there are still many students that give up because they are not used to leave their comfort zone. Don't let that happen to you. You may need time to adapt to your new environment. Keep in your mind that you will find good and best path in your university life to make you grow into a better person for your future. When going through it, you might find it difficult that you want to stop in the middle of it, but think of it as your process of development. So don’t give up, and you will keep growing even more!

Jonathan Gary

11 November 2015