Know More and Say Good Bye to Procrastination

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04


Some of us may experience this, “I just don’t want to do this right now” or “Nah, there is still enough time, I’ll do it tomorrow”. What happens the most is you ended up with didn’t do anything in the end, or in a rush making your task in a small amount of time that the result is just not satisfying. People may not see procrastination as a real big problem to solve, because they receive benefits from procrastinating on something. Like for example, the relief you get when you successfully avoid something you don’t want to do. This relief benefits you get might sounds real but the fact is it is just your illusion. This symptoms sounds easy to cooperate with but in reality, it is the most dangerous symptoms you will get.

To overcome procrastination, first you need to realize that procrastination is not the real problem here. Procrastination is just the symptom of the real issue. Most people probably are too quick to pinpoint procrastination as the root causes of problems because it is the most accessible answers. The real reason is something underneath that.

There are two main problems that cause procrastination, they are:

  1. Lack of Desire

Doing something that you don’t like will give a bad impact on your progress, either there will be obstacles when you are doing it so you will do it half-heartedly or you won’t do it at all since you have no intention to do it.

How to overcome this:

Make sure you do something you love to do. If you get the work you don’t like, at least try to like it by finding that tiny spot that you can change or find a way to do it the way you like it to make you do it wholeheartedly. Or you can also find the main reason first why you need to do that, or the good impact that you will get after doing this, so you can get motivated when doing it.

  1. Fear

You might have the feel of cannot doing something. While you can have a desire to do something, if you have a fear stronger than your desire, you will face procrastination. This fear can be any type of fear – fear of pain, fear of uncertainty, fear of hardship, fear of not having control, fear of being incapable, fear of rejection, and fear of being alone.

How to overcome it:

One way to fight this problem is to find someone you can share your thought and workload. If you are feeling under-pressured with all the workloads you have, share it to someone who has the experience overcoming it. That way you will get useful advices from them instead of postponing your work. It will be very helpful to avoid procrastination.

If you have solved the roots of the problems above, definitely procrastination won’t come to you. There are also few tips for you to implement to your daily life to prevent procrastination:

  1. List down your plan and break your work into little steps

One of the most common reason you procrastinate is because you don’t know why, how, and what do you do. Listing down every task needed to be done is the key. By knowing every things you must do make it easier for you to execute it. Break them down into steps based on priority what you should do first. After doing this you will have a clear image about what you need to do.

  1. Change your environment

Sometimes working on the same environment every day is just saturating and it results with procrastinating your work. Once in a while you need to change your working environment. Having a nice and cozy new working place might help. Re-decorate your working place also can become one of the options to refresh your mood so you can start fresh on doing your work.

  1. Distract your Distractions

It's hard to get any real work done when you keep turning your attention to what's happening around you. For once you need to get away from finding out what your friends are doing on social media, scrolling your newsfeed, and waiting for someone to chat with you on your phone. Assign yourself a period of time during which you turn off all and use that time to focus all of your attention on the task at hand.

  1. Create a detailed timeline with specific deadlines

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Procrastination also can start because you don’t know the specific time when you should finish one task and you don’t know how long time you need to finish them. Creating detailed timeline with specific deadlines will help you to keep track on your progress and give you the urge to finish before the actual d-day.

  1. Stop over-complicating things, get a grip, and just do it

What happens in our mind when we procrastinate is that all things seems to be so complicated that we can’t do anything else for it so it creates the feeling to postpone the workload. If you dig deeper in your mind to find out the solutions, it is not as hard as what you have think. Stop making it seems impossible to do. Keep yourself motivated and just do the things. You won’t do anything if you do not start it right now.

So, after knowing more about procrastination and how to overcome it, what do you think? Will you still procrastinate or will you start to do things one step ahead? The decision is definitely yours. Just remember, the early bird catches the worm.

Adelina Setiawati

October 14, 2015