How to Stay Motivated

By : admin - Posted on : 2016-05-26 19:30:04


Have you ever experienced like you just don’t wanna do that thing again no matter what happens? You feel like it’s just not going to happen. Actually it is normal for people to feel like that. But don’t get too deep in that situation. You need to get back up again. We have the solutions for you to stay motivated every day.


Keep your goals in mind

Knowing what you really want to achieve is the main key to stay motivated. By knowing your goal, you can decide which way to go and how you will do it. You won’t be clueless if you already understand your objective. That result in your work ethic, you will do all your jobs in a high motivation, because you will keep reminded by your goals that you are eager to reach your target.


Make progress checkpoint

Sometimes you might get stuck at one place, don’t know what else to do. That’s why making checkpoint on your progress is important so that you will know how far you have gone and by that you won’t stop until you reach your destination.

Reward yourself once you have accomplished something

It’s okay to give yourself a little reward after you have worked hard. This will boost your next performance since you know that you will get something if you finish things up. Rewarding yourself also means that you appreciate all of your hardworks that you have done. But the thing to remember is, do not over-reward yourself or else it will give a bad impact to you.


Make it fun, don’t be too hard on yourself

Not everything has to be that serious. You can bring it fun. It’s okay to let it go sometimes as long as you know the limit and see the situation also. If it needs your seriousness, then be serious.  Another thing is don’t be too hard on yourself. You are the one who knows your limit, until what level you can still manage to do it. If you go for something that you don’t even understand how to do it, it will only give you burden physically and psychologically, since you can do it like what you have wanted before. Asking someone’s help will do. The point is enjoy every moment of your hardwork.

Watch and read motivational stories

It might sound simple but this thing will also help you to seek for motivation. There are a lot of movies and books that give motivational stories. You could also hear from a successful person or even a great motivator, because they can help you to raise your spirit again. It might help you to boost yours.

So, are you still motivated to try those tips above? I bet you are. Everyone has their own motivations, the only problem is you just haven’t dug deep enough to let it shine. So let’s stay motivated, reach your goals and shine!

Adelina Setiawati

27 November 2015