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About Our Organization

BINUS English Club is a club that deriving from a passion for English language and the realization that it is a critical language for everyone to learn and master.
who we are

What is BINUS English Club?

In June 11, 1992, deriving from a passion for English language and the realization that it is a critical language for everyone to learn and master (especially for BINUS students), a group of people established BNEC. To improve its member English skills, BNEC provides several classes, which are TOEFL, Debate, Public Speaking & Performing, and also Conversation.

Growing further as a student club, BNEC had achieved the title Best Student Organization in BINUS for eight out of nine times and also gained lots of achievements and international acknowledgement.


"A world-class student organization that become an exemplar to other learning organizations through empowering and nurturing english community in Asia."

  1. Facilitates and encourage entities of BNEC to develop and grow by maximizing their potentials to become talents in the real world
  2. Provide high quality of programs, events, classes, and communities to further empower and nurture English Community
  3. To continue to improve upon the level of learning and standard excellence of organization
  4. Maintain and further extend lasting relationship among BNEC entities as one big family and partners as professional relations


Continuous Improvement
Solidarity and Trustworthiness

BNEC President's Greetings

Jesslyn Cahyani Christjia

General President of BNEC

Greetings, Extraordinaries!

BNEC is the only English organization at BINUS University that provides a learning opportunity for all BINUSIAN to practice their soft and hard skills. It is a place for people who have a high willingness to learn to continue to develop themselves to be better than before, and certainly to become someone extraordinary.

BNEC with its tagline, Extraordinary, has a meaning that BNEC always gives extraordinary effort in every activity and always seeks to get extraordinary results too. As an English community, BNEC always strives to empower its members so that they can become talents who are ready to create, change, innovate, direct, inspire and lift people in the real world.

Through this website as a connecting platform for all entities and to provide various information related to products, events, etc, we hope to provide the best for everyone through this website, so that we can continue to develop further as we also always open for all feedback and suggestions.

Therefore, welcome to the official BNEC website.

BNEC, extraordinary!