Posted at July 18, 2021 by Graviela Christie

Everyone wants to be successful in life. To achieve success, it requires hard work and persistence. There are many Indonesians who have succeeded in achieving success, even on an international scale. This is certainly very encouraging. Their persistence and hard work in achieving their dream is something that should be emulated. Here are four Indonesians who have succeeded abroad.

Ken Kawan Soetanto

His name is rarely known by many Indonesians. Ken Kawan Soetanto is a scientist in the medical field. This man was born in Surabaya in 1951. His services are well known overseas, where he is the inventor of a drug for cancer treatment, namely "The Nano-Micro Bubble Contrast Agent". In addition, he also holds 4 doctorate degrees in the fields of Agricultural Science, Engineering, Medicine and Education. Ken Kawan Soetanto also has 26 patents for his invention in Japan and 2 in America in the fields of electronics, medicine and pharmacy. He was always willing to learn and was not quick to become complacent, making him successful in his career, where he received many awards from the government of Japan and other countries. Now, he has a role as a Professor at the International University of Venice, Italy and Waseda University Japan. Also, he has written 3 books in Indonesian and Japanese.

Tex Saverio

Born in Jakarta, Tex Saverio is a fashion designer who is well known to foreign countries. Tex Saverio left high school and entered the Bunka Fashion School to pursue his dream. His decision finally brought him to be famous overseas. This is evidenced by his works that are widely used by famous artists, such as Lady Gaga, Anggun C. Sasmi, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kim Kardashian. Through his achievements, what can be exemplified from Tex is his persistence in achieving his dreams. Apart from that, Tex also gives us an example that someone must have a strong character, which means we must have our own unique characteristics and develop them.

Yoshi Sudarso

Yoshi Sudarso, an Indonesian actor who was born in Jakarta in 1989, is well known abroad. Yoshi played the blue Power Ranger character in the television series “Power Rangers Dino Charge”. This made him the first Power Ranger from Indonesia. He also appeared to have a role in the film “The Maze Runner” as a stunt double for the character Minho. In addition, he also starred in the film “Most Wanted”. It can be said that he has starred in many famous Hollywood films. 

Anggun C. Sasmi

A female singer from Indonesia, Anggun C. Sasmi, is certainly well known by most Indonesians. Anggun started to step on the stage at the age of 7 years old. She pursued her dream from scratch. She tried to achieve her dream in England, but she did not see a future there. Even so, she did not give up and continued to struggle when she moved to France. She kept working on her career so that she eventually became famous in the country and even to the United States. Anggun also received various awards in the music sector, which led her to become the spokesperson for the United Nations for poverty alleviation programs around the world.

Those are some of the successful Indonesians abroad. They may seem to be very successful at the moment, but all of these things are certainly not achieved instantly and took quite a long time. They must have felt ups and downs and faced many challenges. They also have to be brave enough to take risks. However, they never give up in reaching their dreams. Their hard work is something you should emulate. So, don't be discouraged and keep working hard to achieve your dreams.



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