Posted at August 15, 2022 by Tiffani Tirta Chanjaya

Holding a Talk Show is one of the annual work programs of BNEC, especially the Member Focus division. This activity is held in the form of sharing sessions from experts on common and popular issues. The purpose of this event is to help BINUSIAN as well as NON-BINUSIAN to have an understanding of an existing issue and be able to respond to the issue appropriately. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Talk Show event was held online using the Zoom Meeting platform.

This time, Member Focus held a talk show with the theme “Internet Addiction: Chained to the Screen”. In accordance with the theme of this Talk Show, the Member Focus division would like to invite the participants to increase their knowledge about the definition, impact, causes, and prevention of internet addiction. This event was attended by 201 participants which consisted of BINUSIAN and NON-BINUSIAN on May 29, 2022.

After reading this news, do you also want to join the BNEC Talk Show series? Don’t worry! Because there will be many other interesting Talk Show events from BNEC that you really don’t want to miss. See you soon!